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About Infinity Cert International

ICI is an Independent, Impartial and Proficient Certification Body established as per requirement of ISO/IEC 17021:2015 (Conformity Assessment-Requirements for Bodies providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems), ICI registered Office in London (Company Number: 14380751 ), We proposes to offers you Certification having Accreditation from The Egyptian Accreditation Council, EGAC, (https://www.egac.gov.eg/) and IAS USA Accreditation (Under Process). ICI serves internationally in the field of ISO and product certification with a vision of Quality Transformation through its services.

Infinity Cert International Ltd. is an internationally accredited certification body consisting of highly skilled professionals, and helps organizations achieve excellence and world class competitiveness through the application of Stand-alone or Integrated National and International Standards, specializing in providing different management system certifications.

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Since 2007, our Purpose has been to safeguard life, property and the environment. We are the independent expert in risk management and quality assurance. Driven by our purpose, to safeguard life, property and the environment, we empower our customers and their stakeholders with facts and reliable insights so that critical decisions can be made with confidence. As a trusted voice for many of the world’s most successful organizations, we use our knowledge to advance safety and performance, set industry benchmarks, and inspire and invent solutions to tackle global transformations.

We work with some of the world’s leading companies. We are headquartered in London, United Kingdom.

ICI’s commitment to diversity is both an ethical choice and a business decision. And truly, ICI is already a very diverse company, with employees from 12 nationalities working in 22 countries. We see diversity within our workforce as a way of delivering excellence, and we recruit the best people regardless of their background. We seek diversity at all levels of our company in terms of age, gender, nationality, experience and mindset.



To be a world-class company in the field of certification & registration services, creating value for customers and stakeholders.


To build and sustain a position of leadership by providing quality-oriented certification & registration services to worldwide markets in the field of management systems and other potential areas.




ICI provide worldwide, independent services that make a difference in people’s lives. Our core services can be divided into three main categories:

Testing: Reduce risks, shorten time to market and test the quality, safety and performance of your products against relevant health, safety and regulatory standards with our global network of testing facilities.
Inspection: Control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets with our world-leading inspection and verification services.
Certification: Ensure that your products, processes, systems or services meet national and international standards and regulations with our comprehensive certification services.

We also offer training services:

Training: Keep up with the latest developments in standards, regulations and technology with high-quality training and development for every level of your organization – anywhere in the world.

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