ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetics

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Commitment to service and product excellence

The cosmetics industry has always been under constant scrutiny, with issues ranging from inaccurate marketing claims to hazardous component materials. Ingredients used in making older cosmetic products, such as lead, have been tested and proven hazardous and are now banned. Hence, manufacturers and suppliers alike need to ensure that their products are consistently manufactured and controlled to the required quality levels.

What is ISO 22716?
The ISO 22716 Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for cosmetics guide was introduced to provide guidelines for the production, control, storage and distribution of cosmetic products. The guide places emphasis on the quality of the cosmetic product in relation to the customer, and the traceability and accountability in the production and distribution process of the product.

The ISO 22716 guide to GMP is structured to complement any existing management systems in place such as ISO 9001.

What is the importance of ISO 22716?
Most current manufacturing and production processes are thoroughly examined and evaluated for their use and production. With ISO 22716, not only do you receive a guideline for your business’ path, you also commit to ensuring the safety, quality and excellence of your product.

In accordance with the ISO 22716 guide, the manufacturing system of your company will be audited and inspected on the following areas:

  • Complaint and recalls.
  • Contracting/ subcontracting.
  • Documentation and records.
  • Internal audits and Laboratory quality controls.
  • Material management.
  • Packaging and labelling.
  • Personnel.
  • Premises, buildings or facilities.
  • Production and in-process controls.
  • Storage and distribution.
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