ISO 28000 Supply Chain Security Management System

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What is ISO 28000 and how can it help your business?
ISO 28000 is a best practice standard for supply chain security management system. In today’s economy, supply chains stretch across the globe, connecting a wide range of factories, raw material producers, storage locations and transport/logistics partners. This provides many benefits, but also introduces hard-to-control risks – from fires to natural disasters to cyberattacks or even terrorism – all of which could damage goods and create serious delays to the delivery of goods to end customers.

ISO 28000 is a series of international standards which helps organizations with global supply chains to understand their level of risk and gives them a framework to act on any weak points. It also helps businesses of any size, and at any point in a supply chain, to develop reliable disaster management strategies in case unforeseen problems arise.

Why is ISO 28000 certification useful for global companies?
If your business plays a role in global supply chains, becoming ISO 28000 certified provides multiple benefits. Wherever your sit in the supply chain, your business depends on others – and others depend on you. Any delays or issues can have serious knock-on consequences, so ISO 28000 certification can help minimize the risk of that happening.

Being ISO 28000 certified, gives you multiple benefits:

  • Minimize serious risks and damage -ISO 28000 audits help identify risks to your people, property and cargo, meaning you can take remedial action to enhance safety.
  • Provide customers with the best service – Develop a reputation for delivering on time. ISO 28000 certification shows you have optimized your processes in order to minimize delays and security risks. This is an effective marketing tool.
  • Remain operational even during crises – Emergencies happen. ISO 28000 assessments help you to develop business continuity plans for when they do – meaning you remain profitable even under challenging circumstances.
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