ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management Systems

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ISO 39001 Certification For a Safe and Efficient Road Traffic Safety Management System

Road accidents belong to the most common causes of injury and death. A road traffic safety management system (RTSMS) in accordance with ISO 39001:2012 can enable organizations interacting with the road traffic system to improve safety and reduce overall incidents as well as the risk of serious injury or death due to road traffic accidents. Certification of your RTSMS ensures that your system is working effectively and is compliant with its policy and objectives.

ICI is an experienced service provider for ISO 39001 certification and supports you with comprehensive services tailored to your needs. Our experts can help you identify and manage road traffic safety risks and bring about safer working conditions. With our certification services, you can ensure road traffic safety and demonstrate organizational safety as well as social responsibility.

Implement a best practice framework in your organization with a road traffic safety management system and meet the requirements of industry and stakeholders according to legal mandates.

Benefits of ISO 39001 Certification at a Glance

Our road traffic safety management system certification scheme is based on ISO 39001:2012 and can offer you:

  • An improvement of operating processes and the establishment of efficient operating principles.
  • The establishment and maintenance of an effective system to ensure compliance with its policy and objectives within the organization.
  • The ability to demonstrate organizational safety and social responsibility to both stakeholders and customers.
  • The opportunity to cut costs, thanks to the improved efficiency of your RTSMS.

Please feel free to contact us at ICI to learn more about how our ISO 39001 certification service can benefit your company.

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