Complaint Process

Complaint Process

Complaints are handled by Operations department, with Operations having the overall responsibility for receiving, verifying and investigating complaints and also for deciding what actions are to be taken in response to them.

A written and/or verbal, external as well as internal complaints can be received by any employee/staff of Infinity Cert International Ltd. International Ltd. (ICI) , 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JQ, UNITED KINGDOM .

The complaint so received shall be forwarded to Operations Manager, who will immediately enter it in the complaints register maintained at ICI. Additional information may be requested from the complainant, if necessary.

The complaint shall be acknowledged within 24 hours of receipt by telephone or by sending an interim reply or mail to the complainant. Wherever possible, formal notice shall be given to the complainant about the end of the complaint handling process.

Operations Manager will forward the complaint to the concerned official of ICI for disposition, who will take necessary corrective and preventive action to close the complaint, without any undue delay.

Closure of complaint shall be communicated to the complainant.

ICI procedure of complaint handling shall be subject to requirements for confidentiality, as it relates to the complainant and to the subject of the complaint.

If the complaint relates to a certified client, then

  • The examination of the complaint shall consider the effectiveness of the certified management system. This shall be done during surveillance audit or if necessary through short notice audit.
  • Complaint shall also be referred to the certified client in question at an appropriate time.

For complaints/suggestions/feedback, please use the following form.

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