ISO 10002

ISO 10002
Customer Satisfaction Management System

An organization’s planning, design, sales, service, etc. This is the standard for dealing with customer complaints within the organization, including The complaints received are handled within the overall quality system.

ISO 10002 is a standard that focuses only on customer complaints that do not apply to resolution of business-related disputes.

It is a harmonized standard for all sectors from a small business to the largest.

Handling Complaints

By creating a customer-focused environment by handling customer feedback, it is aimed to improve customer service by :

– Solving customer complaints and to increase customer satisfaction and thus increase profitability by increasing the organization’s ability.

– Ensuring adequate human resources with the commitment of senior management.

– Recognizing the needs and expectations of complaints evaluation.

– Create an open complaint management system.

– Reaching the root cause by analyzing the complaints.

– Supervision of complaints processing.

– Review the effectiveness and efficiency of complaints processing.

Why is ISO 10002 certification good for my business?

In order for an organization to maintain its existing market share, it should measure and measure customer satisfaction. Because the effort to gain new customers rather than retaining the existing customer is a much more expensive process. And the lost customer will make it much more difficult for the new customer to arrive in the market. In terms of customer satisfaction, dissatisfaction can be measured with preventive system and necessary steps can be taken for treatment.

Policy is formed in terms of which corrective action should be taken in case of customer complaint:
– Defining all roles including compensation in customer complaints.
– Customer complaints are handled in the most fair way.
– Customer complaints indicate the weaknesses of the organization so lessons can be learned and corrective actions can be taken.

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