ISO 28001

ISO 28001
Supply Chain Certification

Businesses should not be forgotten in the manufacturing sector or in the service sector, so that each business is a customer of another business.

This constitutes a supply chain in commercial life. In fact, although the ISO 9001 Quality Management System has established the necessary standards and assessment methods for relations with suppliers, the International Standards Organization (ISO) has published ISO 2007 Supply Chain Safety Management System standards in 28001, especially on the supply chain management system.

In many sectors, breaks or security problems that may arise in the supply chain rings adversely affect the organizations. It is of utmost importance to correctly identify and manage the risks associated with such organizations’ supply chain.

What are the benefits of ISO 28001?

– Increased product and service quality.
– Reduction of costs.
– Profit increase.
– Establishing the appropriate supply language and structure.
– Increase in competitiveness and market share.
– Increased quality of suppliers.

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