Transfer to Us

We comply with the requirements of IAF MD 2:2017, the accreditation ruling that governs the transfer of certification from one CAB to another without hindrance from any parties. Our transfer process is SIMPLE and SEAMLESS.

If your certification partner is not doing it for you, get out and find one that will.

If you are serious about receiving value from the certification process and you want to be associated with a prestigious internationally recognized Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) with a proven track record of excellence; then the obvious choice is to transfer your certification to ICI.

Many organizations are too scared to change as they would rather deal with the “devil they know” ……. Change to ICI and start reaping the true benefits of certification today!

At ICI we make the transfer process quick, painless, easy and best of all free of charge. We even manage the process for you.

** Companies that are already certified by another Conformity Assessment Body (that is itself accredited by an IAF/MLA signatory accreditation body) can be accepted for certification without the need for an audit. The list of IAF MLA signatories can be found at and follow the link to IAF members and then to IAF/MLA signatories. Certification which is known to have been suspended or under threat of suspension shall not be accepted for transfer.

    Infinity Cert International سوف نقوم بإضافة بيانات أو مثلا اتفاقية استخدام الموقع أو خريطة الموقع أو فورمة اتصل بنا أو غير ذلك مما نحتاج إلى ظهوره في جميع صفحات الموقع