Why Choosing ICI

To achieve continued / sustained business growth.


To improve capability of human resources by upgrading skills and competencies.


To maintain credibility of certification services by minimizing exceptions from stakeholders.


To provide quality and value-based services, through completion of certification/registration process in a time bound manner.


To operate Certification/Registration & Inspection services for total satisfaction of client organizations by ensuring that no major non-conformity is observed by accreditation bodies.

Why Choose ICI?

Global Presence
With global resources all over the world, whether you are looking to operate internationally or to expand locally for new businesses, ICI is easily accessible and has the flexibility and capability to provide first class service anywhere in the world.

Competent auditors
ICI worldwide qualified auditors have extensive industry experience, technical and regulatory knowledge to deliver the most meaningful and professional certification audits. ICI has stringent qualification criteria to match the auditor’s industry experience with the organization’s activities.

Excellent services
ICI offers quality value-added assessment services bringing consistency, optimization and efficiency to improve clients’ management systems, with minimal disruption and cost to the operations.

Multiple accreditation
ICI is an Independent, Impartial and Proficient Certification Body established as per requirement of ISO/IEC 17021:2015 (Conformity Assessment-Requirements for Bodies providing Audit and Certification of Management Systems) We proposes to offers you Certification having Accreditation from The Egyptian Accreditation Council, EGAC. The multiple accreditations demonstrate ICI integrity, independence and impartiality in the certification process.

Welcome to INFINITY International Laboratories, an independent lab facility for chemical analysis, microbiological analysis, PCR, and analysis interpretations. INFINITY Lab ILAB is a modern lab in Egypt where highly trained staff work with state-of-the-art instruments to present the best, most reliable results in ways our clients can use. INFINITY Lab ILAB specializes in analyzing foods, feed and ingredients for the feed industry, as well as fuel and biomass products.
INFINITY Lab ILAB is an accredited laboratory (ISO 17025) that provides Microbiological and Chemical testing for food, beverage, packaging and cosmetics products at all stages of production including environmental testing. It also provides a full array of microbiological testing identification of fungi, yeast, and mold.

When food, feed and fuel products are submitted to us for analysis, quality and safety are the highest priority – for our clients and for us. Reliable analysis results are the least you can expect from your laboratory. INFINITY Lab ILAB is internationally accredited perform a wide-ranging array of chemical, microbiological and DNA analyses. We constantly expand our range of services to include innovative, high-quality solutions so we can keep meeting your
needs optimally. Fast turnaround times are guaranteed at INFINITY Lab ILAB . We can achieve these speeds by having our expert staff work with state-of-the-art equipment in a cutting-edge modern environment. All analyses are performed quickly and efficiently from a single location. And our clients have a live feed of results and reports in our real-time web application. All these aspects achieve significant savings in both time and money, improving your bottom line.

Personal contact is very important to us. At INFINITY Lab, you have a single point of contact: an account manager who has a solid understanding of the
process. And a list of analysis results isn’t where we stop; we also provide you with an interpretation of what your results mean, tailored to your company and your specific analysis needs. This network consists of independently operating service providers that specialize in inspection and certification of food, feed, ingredients for mixed foods, textiles and fuel.

Why Choose Us for Your Testing Needs?
The laboratory is accredited with the State of California and audited by the Food & Drug Administration. ILAB scientists hold degrees and are expert reviewers for new AOAC methods and members of AOAC and IFT.
In-house testing provides Fast Turnaround and quality assurance methods ensure Accurate Results.

ILAB is committed to;
– FDA Labeling Requirements.
– Standard Analytical Methods (AOAC, USDA, AACC, AOAC, EPA).
– Adherence to a Comprehensive Quality Assurance Program.
– Accurate Results Delivered Promptly.


INFINITY provides consistent, effective, and high-quality training to give employees the up-to-date skills required by your organization, regardless of location.

The quality of your training is everything. It enables you to keep up with the latest industry practice, keep on top of ever-changing technical standards and comply with current legal and regulatory obligations. INFINITY Academy provides you with the skills and knowledge necessary to transform your people and business.

Yet, maintaining the same level of learning across your organization can be complex, especially when dealing with numerous training providers. That’s why you need to ensure that all personnel, at both local and global level, receive consistent, effective, high-quality training – wherever their location.


As a global leader in professional training, we offer you the very best in professional development training and customized training solutions. Our unrivaled experience and expertise, combined with our unique global reach ensures that you benefit from consistent training and development at every level of your organization – anywhere in the world.

With a proven track record delivering public, in-house and online courses, the world’s largest companies and government organizations trust us to train their professionals. So can you.

Our training courses cover everything from safety to quality, compliance to sustainability, brand protection to risk management. Whatever your industry, whatever the subject, we can help you:
– Keep up-to-date with the latest industry best practice, technical standards and current legal and regulatory compliance expectations.
– Gain the skills and knowledge you need to move forward.
– Learn how to manage and improve environmental impact.
– Identify, manage and reduce risk by meeting legal duty-of-care and health and safety obligations.
– Develop and retain talent through improved management and leadership development programs.
– Understand how to enhance the quality and efficiency of management systems and standards.
– Improve productivity, integrity and performance throughout the supply chain.
– Build a more responsible and sustainable future.
– Learn in a way that suits your needs, learning styles and goals with a range of flexible solutions, including public courses, in-house training, e-learning and virtual learning.

    Infinity Cert International سوف نقوم بإضافة بيانات أو مثلا اتفاقية استخدام الموقع أو خريطة الموقع أو فورمة اتصل بنا أو غير ذلك مما نحتاج إلى ظهوره في جميع صفحات الموقع